Kerehaklu Estate - Black Honey - Nanolot

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This nano-lot (2023 havest) came as a last minute surprise from Pranoy who runs Kerehalku estate along with his family. It only took us one sample roast and one cupping session to decide we would buy this one – very rare for G-shot! Fruity flavours and sparkling acidity jumped out of the cup.

Contemporary style, fast, light roast profile boasts of ripe raspberry acidity, subtle black tea flavours and a complex yet structured sweetness. Designed for pour-overs and other manual brew methods , though if you know your espresso you could pull a mean, juicy, long-ratio shot with this one.

Estate: Mavinahatti Upper block, Kerehaklu Estate
Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka
Altitude: 1150 MASL
Varietal: Sln. 9
Process: 32 hour in-fruit contact fermentation, followed by pulping. 34 hour ferment post-pulping. 19 days of drying in polyhouses.
Harvest: Feb 2023

Tasting notes - Raspberry, Black tea, Wild honey

Type: Coffee


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