Ratnagiri Estate - Microlot Carbonic Maceration

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Anyone who is familiar with the Indian specialty coffee “scene” knows the hype around Ratnagiri estate and understands why that is the case. Ashok, at Ratnagiri estate produces some of the most phenomenal specialty coffee-oriented lots year on year, without fail. We wait for the time, each year, when green coffee samples from this iconic coffee estate land at our doorstep. They showcase and summarize years’ worth of love and effort that has gone into creating perfection – magical flavours burst forth in every cup. This year we tasted about 18 different lots from this estate and selected 2 lovely micro lots to share with you.

Micro-lot RN 33/3 is the only “funky” new-age processed coffee we purchased this year. Usually a lot of the “fancy” processed coffees present unique but intensely alcoholic and funky notes on the cupping table. We, at G-Shot Coffee Roastery are not huge fans of this “direction” – we prefer our coffees clean and sparkling! This coffee, from our point of view, is a beautiful balance of these two extremes. The long but controlled carbonic maceration process helps develop the fruit-forward flavours but still retains the inherent sparkle.

We are roasting this coffee super light to showcase its inherent nature! At this roast level it’s got a light tea-like body which helps accentuate the orange-rind and melon notes that dominate the cup. A mellow cocoa-nib backbone runs through and holds the cup together. This is primarily a fast, contemporary, filter-focused roast profile. However, since the inherent acidity of the coffee is not extremely high, given the right equipment and skill, you could brew intensely sweet high-ratio shots of modern espresso that would blow your mind – we promise!


Ratnagiri Estate Micro-lot RN 33/3

Location - Bababudan Giri, KN
Elevation - 1350 MASL
Varietal - Catuai
Process – 96-hour Carbonic Maceration, Natural
Roast Style - Contemporary, Light, Filter

Tasting notes: Melon, Orange Rind, Cocoa Nibs, Mildly Floral


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