Ratnagiri Estate – Microlot SPL AAA

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Anyone who is familiar with the Indian specialty coffee “scene” knows the hype around Ratnagiri estate and understands why that is the case. Ashok, at Ratnagiri estate produces some of the most phenomenal specialty coffee oriented lots year on year, without fail. We wait for the time, each year, when green coffee samples from this iconic coffee estate land at our doorstep. They showcase and summarize years’ worth of love and effort that has gone into creating perfection – magical flavours burst forth in every cup. This year we tasted about 18 different lots from this estate and selected 2 lovely microlots to share with you.

Microlot SPL AAA is one of those lots where the process itself is a mouthful! Coffee cherries of Cauvery varietal are harvested are fermented anaerobically. Then they are de-pulped and aerobically fermented another time. They are then washed and dried. After drying they are sorted and only the highest screen size i.e. the biggest beans of the lot (hence AAA) are selected, vacuum packed and shipped to us!
This coffee is an “omniroast”. It’s a fruity, delightfully balanced cup that you just cant have enough of when brewed with manual brew methods. However in espresso nectarine sweetness dominates the cup with a heavy caramel backbone. We believe, you cannot go wrong with this one!

Location - Bababudan Giri, KN
Elevation - 1350 MASL
Varietal - Cauvery / Catimor
Process - Sequential anaerobic and aerobic fermentation, washed, AAA size screening

Tasting notes: Nectarine, Custard-caramel, Citric acidity

Type: Coffee


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