Zoya Estate - 48hr Microlot


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One of the many microlots we purchased from this years harvest. This one is from Zoya Estate. They produced various small, experimental lots this year of which we tasted more than TWENTY, and selected ONE ! Kudos to the team at the farm for going all out to produce nothing but "perfect" coffee. We hope to work closely with Zoya estate in the coming years.

Fruit forward, manual brew focused roast profile. Sweet, velvety body dominated by melon and orange cream cracker notes. Mellow acidity and milk chocolate backbone.

Estate: Doddhara Block, Zoya Estate

Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Altitude: 1280 MASL

Varietal: 5B, Chandragiri

Process:  Low temperature, 48 hour Anaerobic fermentation. 18 day slow drying.

Harvest: Feb 2022


Tasting notes - Melon, Orange cream cracker, Pecan

Type: Coffee


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