Ayurvedic Turmeric Dressing - 170 gm


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Loaded with organic turmeric & curcumin extract, this tangy, bright-orange dressing will add depth to anything it lays its hands on! Do your body a favour - give it that ultimate anti-oxidant, nutritional boost that it deserves. Pour it on salads, flavour your sandwiches, spice up some grilled veg.. go on, might as well add it to your pasta as well.
Squeaky clean, just like any other product from G-shot coffee roastery. No additives, no preservatives. Only the very best ingredients.

Ingredients : Organic cold pressed mustard oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Freshly squeeyed lemon juice, Organic tumeric, Curcumin extract, Roasted sesame seeds, Tahini, Paprika, Himalayan pink salt, Organic raw honey

Type: Dips & Dressings


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