Welcome to G-Shot Mystery School

“What holds me back? What prevents me from being joyful? Am I defined by the relationships I have? Or by the job positions that I hold? Is there something beyond the fence that I grew up in? Am I feeling overburdened by trying to be “good” to friends and family? What do I fear? Why am I miserable?”

If you have faced such inner nudging from time to time, then Mystery School enables you to let it out and open up in a safe and supportive environment.

G-Shot Mystery school is an experiential and explorative space to help one unload and celebrate the simple joys and pleasures of life. Where individuals meet to work towards consciousness, Buddha Field is created. .

True healing is to go beyond the mind


We have a structured and periodic calendar of meditation oriented activities incorporating different methods and techniques:

1) Enquiry into Human Energy – sitting with Beloved.

2) Active and Passive Meditations processes

3) Work based on ancient Tibetan techniques

4) “Work as meditation” program – different levels of involvement possible

5) Variety of healing activities, dynamic processes of emotional release

6) Creative Dance

7) Yoga

8) Live music and dance events, books readings, etc.

9) Tarot Readings – our Tarot card reader provides open and reflective readings, channeling the universal truth! Don’t forget to ask her your deepest questions during your next visit !