G-Shot Coffee Roastery & Cafe is an UN-BUSINESS.

It is an experiment designed to explore what happens when a people work towards consciously bridging the gap between the MATERIAL and the SPIRITUAL.

Here we learn the art of accepting life as-is, in all its myriad forms, from a man who has mastered it – our mentor and guide whom we call simply Beloved.

Centred around devotion, meditation, love and celebration, G-Shot Coffee Roastery & Cafe is an ever changing, dynamic river of authentic living.

We are spreading our love vibration with you since 2018 in many different ways.

We craft and serve high quality food and beverages and we go as organic and local as we can. We take utmost care of quality of ingredients we use. We serve only single origin coffee sourced from finest estates across the country; roasted in-house specially for you.

We have a structured and periodic calendar of meditation oriented activities as part of our Mystery School.

We showcase a plethora of unique events to share skills and performances by lovely artists that resonate with our space through the Goa season. Keep a lookout at our Instagram page (@gshotcoffeeandcafe) to keep up to date

Contact us on social media or drop us a mail to know more if any of these ring your bell.