Meditation Programs

1. Upcoming Workshops
One month residential, intensive workshop in the presence of an awakened master.

Join us! Dive into this unique opportunity – a grounded, practical and experiential workshop to help kickstart an internal spiritual revolution. Come face to face with your illusions and discover your intrinsic individuality in a loving community environment under the guidance of an awakened master.

A deep-going process for mental, emotional and physical cleansing- letting go of old patterns and coming into the clear light of the present moment.

Contribution rupees one lakh eight thousand
Food and accommodation included
Grounding work in our lovely community café space
Daily meditation practice
Energy cleansing techniques
Nature and Beach walks!

22 May- 22 June 2022
Assagao, Goa
Entry by interview only.

2. Work as Meditation

We offer 7 days and 30 days "Work as Meditation" programs at G-Shot.
Entry by interview.
Please contact Sandhya at +918310370074 and reserve your place


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