Meditation Programs

1. Upcoming Workshops

Join us! Dive into this unique opportunity – a grounded, practical and experiential workshop to help kick-start or accelerate your internal spiritual revolution. Come face to face with your issues – re-evaluate your childhood traumas, relationship issues and psychological limitations. Recognize your intrinsic love and expand your understanding in a loving community environment under the guidance of our awakened master whom we simply called, Beloved.
Come, Be part of this deep-going process for mental, emotional and physical cleansing – letting go of old patterns and coming into the clear light of the present moment. 

This workshop will contain the transmission of the “Green Wave” – modern interpretation of one of the six transmissions according to seminal Tibetan tantric text called “Six Yogas of Naropa.”.  Re-evaluate and re-construct your life through consciousness!

- Suited for couples wanting to grow together as well as individuals
- Daily meditation practice
-  Understanding “building blocks” of Relationships
- “Tibetan Pulsing” Tantra yoga
- Energy cleansing techniques
- Sittings with “Beloved”
- Nature and Beach walks!
- Grounding work in our lovely community café space
- Food and accommodation included.

Contact us for more information.
Ph:+91 96502 37858 ( Yogini – leave us a text on whatsapp)

2. Work as Meditation

We offer 7 days and 30 days "Work as Meditation" programs at G-Shot.
Entry by interview.
Please contact Darshna at +918310370074 and reserve your place


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