Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea


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Coffee bean, as you might know, is the seed of the fruit of the coffee plant. Once the seed is taken out and dried, the fruit often called coffee cherry, is left behind. When pulped and dried, this fruit transforms into an extremely flavourful and mildly caffeinated tea! Call this Cascara.

This is the first time we are selling or serving Cascara tea. This beautiful lot, produced by Ratnagiri estate presents a balanced cup, with a distinct flavour profile and oodles of subtle sweetness. Drink it hot, iced or top its potent liquor with some indie tonic water for an ultimate summer upper.


Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Altitude: ~1350 MASL

Process: Hand-pulped

Harvest: Feb 2022


Tasting notes - Rose, Black Tea, Plum, Molasses

Type: Coffee


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